Recent Installations


Oak staircase made for new build.

Curved staircase and gallery made in European oak for new build in 2006.

Continuous reefed handrail, carved bottom volute, and carved strings. French polished.

gallery_01 gallery_01 gallery_01 gallery_01 gallery_01


Quarter space stairs and gallery.

Quarter space stairs and gallery made from European Oak.

Ramped handrails, inserted turned newels, quartered oak panels. Panelled spandrel under stairs. French polished.

gallery_02_02 gallery_02_03 gallery_02_04gallery_02_05 gallery_02_06


Staircase and gallery for new house extension.

European Oak staircase and gallery with panelled newels and burr oak moulded inserts.

Acorn newel caps and large moulded handrails with double volute at bottom. Painted barley twist balustrades. French polished.

gallery_03_02 gallery_03_03 gallery_03_04gallery_03_05gallery_03_06


Curved oak staircase and gallery

Curved staircase and gallery made in European oak. Cut string and diminished turned ballustrades.

Continuous reefed handrail, oak curved doors and window.

gallery_04_02 gallery_04_03 gallery_04_04gallery_04_05gallery_04_06


Curved softwood staircase with painted treads.

Softwood painted treads and risers with curved front treads, voluted scrolled bottom handrail. Cutstring with bracket.

gallery_05_02 gallery_05_03 gallery_05_04gallery_05_05gallery_05_06


Oak staircase – toughened glass balustrading.

Oak staircase with toughened glass balustrading and stainless steel fittings. Cutstring. Low voltage microlights to sidestring.
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